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KAFFA initierer ny virksomhet "The Collaborative Coffee Source"

We are building a community of specialty roasters and coffee producers who are working toward a transparent, equitable and sustainable model of coffee trade. As the coffee chain has many layers, it can be difficult to bring all parties together but we believe it is not only possible to do so, but is mutually beneficial to all concerned, both from a quality perspective and, just as importantly, for transparent and equitable business practice.

 As we are looking to have everyone actively participate in this project, we are committed to facilitating long-term partnerships between roaster and producer. This means that we will not be offering “spot coffees” in recognition of the unique needs of each party. We understand there are different regional and taste preferences for every roaster and if we have developed good relationships for a region you are interested in, we can facilitate connections between you and quality-focused producers.

In practice, this means we have responsibilities both to roasters and producers: a transparent pricing structure, transport that is as direct as possible, open communication amongst all parties and follow through on commitments made. In order for this community to function, responsibilities flow in all directions. For a participating producer, this means fulfillment of agreements and for a participating roaster, this means concrete commitments to coffees. Roasters looking to receive the freshest coffee in the volumes required need to communicate commitment to coffee they want to buy in a timely manner. This in turn enables us to book coffee from producers early enough in the season that we are all assured of final delivery.

About Us: Robert has been working in specialty coffee for the last 15 years, beginning with the opening of Java cafe in Oslo. Since then he opened one of the first roasteries in Europe to specialize in roasting microlot coffee (KAFFA), won the first World Barista Competition in 2000, juried on several Cup of Excellence competitions and was head judge for Best of Panama in 2011 (he will reprise this role in 2012). Robert’s goal for this business and community is to provide other roasters in Europe with the opportunity to buy quality coffee in the same way KAFFA has.

Bjørnar has been lead roaster at KAFFA since 2008 and will soon leave Oslo for two months to learn Spanish in Guatemala. While this is a personal endeavour, he will continue to develop this business and can be reached as a more direct contact for us during his stay in Antigua.

Melanie is a Canadian doing her masters at the University of Oslo. Her program is an interdisciplinary one that focuses on environmental sustainability and development. Her thesis will be about the impacts of direct trade on coffee producers’ livelihoods and resulting wider community development. She hopes to do fieldwork in Burundi this fall.

Over the course of ten years, Robert has traveled to all the origins and has already been travelling extensively this year. He was in Kenya in late-December last year and has just been to El Salvador, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama and Brazil. He will be back in Kenya and travel to Ethiopia in February.

We are currently working on this online extension of the community where every party will have access to one another. As such, our goal is to have a multi-lingual website. Robert already speaks Spanish and Bjørnar will soon too - look for a Spanish version of this site in the near future. In addition to our website, we are also on twitter: collaborativeCS and facebook: Collaborative Coffee Source page.

We are very much looking forward to working with you on this exciting project. Please contact Melanie (melanie.leeson@gmail.com) about how we can work with you.


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