Welcome to KAFFA Oslo

We are a roastery based in Oslo, Norway, established in 2005 by Robert William Thoresen, World Barista Champion of 2000. Our coffee is roasted in the nordic style to enhance the flavors of origin and variety. We are roasting coffee that is available and accessible to coffee lovers across all skill levels. KAFFA is for people.

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KAFFA Coffees

KAFFA Oslo works closely with all of our producers to contribute to a more sustainable coffee industry. We are very proud to be working with close friends such as San Vicente, Origin Coffeelab and Carmo Coffees. Through our sister-company Collaborative Coffee Source we can ensure high quality and transparent trade.

You can find all our coffees here.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

KAFFA Shipping and terms

We love to see our coffees on shelves outside of Norway and are happy to offer shipping globally. The cost of shipping depends on weight, volume and destination.

We use FedEx as our shipping partner for international orders. We want to be fully transparent and therefore charge our customers exactly the fee they charge us per box we ship. Transport cost from Norway is a bit more expensive than from countries that are located within the EU because of higher tax.

We roast every day and ship Wednesdays and Fridays.

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