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For kunder i Oslo og omegn

For levering onsdag
Bestillinger må gjøres innen kl 12.00 på fredag for levering onsdag påfølgende uke.
For levering fredag
Bestillinger må gjøres innen kl 12.00 på tirsdag for levering fredag samme uke.

For kunder utenfor Oslo

For utsendelse tirsdag
Bestillinger gjøres innen kl 12.00 på fredag for utsending fra brenneriet vårt tirsdag påfølgende uke.
For utsendelse torsdag
Bestillinger gjøres innen 12.00 på tirsdag for utsending fra brenneriet vårt på torsdag.

Limited Edition Produkter 2020



Fresh crop coffees

Not that things are “back to normal” per se but cafes, bars and restaurants are inching towards some trace of it. One by one people are back from hytte or holiday and the post-summer-pace will soon pick up- like it or not! The timing couldn’t be better to start amping up our coffee selection with some new, fresh...While discussing coffee or any produce for that matter, “freshness” is often a key point of interest. Unlike many farmed commodities which can be consumed virtually as they are off the shelf, coffee beans go through a few processes before being served in a cup. For an ample coffee experience many of us look for freshly brewed coffee for less bitterness, freshly roasted coffee for less stale or flatness, and maybe some...Coffee is grown around the world in regions near the equator predominantly from Central and South America, East Africa and Southeast Asia. Depending on many factors like microclimate and elevation to name a few, harvest times vary significantly from country to country and even region to region within some countries....These months in particular are quite exciting ones in coffee because many of us receive “fresh crop” coffees from Ethiopia, Kenya, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Huila Colombia to name a few.  This seasonal context of coffee harvest times most likely goes unnoticed by most coffee drinkers and with understandable reason because the coffees we deal with undergo special packaging and shipping conditions to ensure quality long term. To generalise, some coffees even have a longer shelf life or maybe even become...Other fresh news on the menu:
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Informasjon i forbindelse med koronaviruset

KAFFA har så langt ikke blitt blitt påvirket av COVID-19 virusutbruddet. Vi følger alle krav fra myndighetene og for å sikre vår produksjon har vi innført tiltak for å hindre spredning av smitte. Vi overvåker situasjonen fortløpende og vil tilpasse aktuelle tiltak etter myndighetenes anbefalinger. Vi har...
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